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Understanding Vitality’s Utility Invoice

An Overview of The Vitality Invoice

  1. Bill Date – Date the Invoice was generated by the platform.
  2. Billing Period – The period of time used as reference for billing charges 
  3. Account Number – Unique Account number assigned to the Unit’s Tenant
  4. Invoice Number – Unique Invoice number generated by the platform.
  5. Amount Due – The Total Charges of the Invoice
  6. Due Date – Date when payment is required
  7. Billing Address – Physical Address associated with the Account
  8. Return Payment Address – Address where the Tenant needs to send payment
  9. Service Address (required by law) – Physical Address connected to the Utility Service ie. Electric, Gas, Water utility
  10. Unit Name – Name or Number of the Unit
  11. Property Name – Name of the Overall Property
  12. Detailed Account Activity – This displays all of different usages applied to the Unit pertaining to the connected Points to the Units ie.. Kwh, Gallons, Cf.    
  13. New Charges – This displays all the different charges applied to the Unit. 
  14. Notes – General Notes from the Platform and/or the Property Manager
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