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How do I Connect Modbus TCP Devices with an Acquisuite?


  • IP Addresses of each of the Devices
  • Ethernet network between the devices and the Acquisuite needs to be connected.
  • TCP Port 502 needs to be open on the network (default)
  • If TCP Port 502 not used, then the TCP Port # needs to be told to technician

Special Considerations

The Device ID of the devices should be at the default address of 1.  If not, that can be accommodated with this Acquisuite connection

Connecting a Modbus TCP Device

Step 1

Log into the Acquisuite using the admin username and password

Step 2

Go to Device List > Add

Step 3

Complete the Form and Click “Create Configuration”

Step 4

Click the link to “Device List”

Step 5

Find your device in the Device List.

Step 6

Repeat as needed

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