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Connecting an eGauge Data Acquisition Server

This article will walk you through programming your E-Gauge devices to push data to the Vitality platform. The E-Gauge device will push the values from the device’s Registers, Totals, and Virtual Registers section to Vitality. Vitality will then create an accumulated point and a usage point for each of these Registers, Totals, and Virtual Registers.

Data Sharing Instructions

In order for the devices to push to Vitality, you will need to visit the web address of your E-Gauge device and setup the following:

1. Log into the device.

2. Click Status located on the top header.

3. Find and Copy the Serial Number for future use.

4. Click Settings located on the top header

5. Verify Date and Time when Recording Started

6. Enter the following values in the Data Sharing section

Select “custom”

Url: (use the saved serial from step 3)

Under Options: totals,sec,epoch

Interval: 15 minutes

7. Click Save, it will ask for the username and password for you to enter for confirmation.

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