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Connecting a Pulse Output to an Accuenergy AXM-IO Module

The Accuenergy AXM-IO Module has the ability to connect 6 Pulse Outputs from Devices.

Wire Connection Instructions

1. Connect the pulse output wire from the meter to one of the digital inputs (ex: DI1)

2. Connect the pulse return or common wire from the meter to the 24Vdc + Output

3. Connect a wire from the AXM-IO Module’s 24Vdc – terminal to the digital input common terminal labeled (DIc)


To make sure that the AXM-IO Module is set up correctly to receive pulses.
Connect one wire to an open digital input, and another to the 24Vdc + output, and then connect a wire between the 24Vdc – terminal to the DIc terminal.
Tap the unconnected ends of the digital input and 24Vdc wires together.
If the AXM-IO collector is wired and configured correctly, it will register one pulse for each contact between the two wires.

If the AXM-IO Module is configured and wired correctly and pulses are still not registering, reboot the Acuvim meter connected to the AXM-IO Module.

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