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Commissioning An AccuEnergy AccuVim II Power Meter

AccuvimII Ethernet Module #

Using your internet browser, log into the Ethernet Module using the IP Address supplied by either the cell modem or IT network.

Change the Password
Settings → Management
Change the Communications Settings
Settings → Communications

Network Settings #

Time/Date Settings #

Datalog #


Save and Reboot.  

After Reboot, go back to this same page and hit  “Test HTTP Push 1”

You should get a Success Message.  If not successful.  Check your settings.  

If successful,  go to the next section.

If still not successful.  Contact Vitality for more help.

Change the Meter Settings #

On your computer open the AccuvimII Software

IP Address #

Device Id #

Make changes and Update Device.   #

Make changes and Update Device.   #

Review Real Time Readings

Amps, Volts, PF #

  • kWh

Phasors #

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