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Commissioning An AccuEnergy AccuVim II Power Meter

AccuvimII Ethernet Module

Using your internet browser, log into the Ethernet Module using the IP Address supplied by either the cell modem or IT network.

Change the Password
Settings → Management
Change the Communications Settings
Settings → Communications

Network Settings

Time/Date Settings



Save and Reboot.  

After Reboot, go back to this same page and hit  “Test HTTP Push 1”

You should get a Success Message.  If not successful.  Check your settings.  

If successful,  go to the next section.

If still not successful.  Contact Vitality for more help.

Change the Meter Settings

On your computer open the AccuvimII Software

IP Address

Device Id

Make changes and Update Device.  

Make changes and Update Device.  

Review Real Time Readings

Amps, Volts, PF

  • kWh


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