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Adding Meter Location to your Tapwatch Account

Vitality needs the Meter Location added to the Transmitters in order to have a clean record for the data points coming from Tapwatch.  This is not too hard.    

Step 1 – Log into your Current TapWatch

Upon entering your username and password you will be directed to your administration page.

Step 2 – Click on the Site that you want to add the Meter Location to.

Step 3 – Click Export and follow the prompts to export the file to your computer

Step 4 – Open the downloaded file and go to the Meters_Transmitters Tab.

  • In the Meter Location column, add a meter location descriptor (Ex. Apt 1, Apt A)

Step 5 – Save the file.

Failure to save will result in Vitality not seeing the data.

Step 6 – Return to Tapwatch

Back in TapWatch, click Import, and follow the prompts to import the file back to Tapwatch.

Step 7 – Congratulations!! You are done.

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