Save Money on Energy Through Retro-Commissioning

We often hear references to “retro-commissioning,” and if you’re like many people, you’ve probably wondered what it means and how it might benefit your organization.

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In simple terms, “commissioning” refers to the process of setting up new equipment or buildings so that they operate as intended and at peak efficiency. “Retro-commissioning” refers to performing that same process on equipment or buildings that have already been in operation long enough to need a tune-up or upgrades.

This article from the Building Efficiency Initiative does a great job of explaining the process and the benefits you might derive from retro-commissioning.

At Summa Energy, we specialize in commissioning and retro-commissioning energy metering systems. This process assures that meters and data acquisition systems are programmed properly and performing at peak accuracy and efficiency – whether we’re looking at a brand new system during its initial implementation or at an older system that needs to be tuned up or upgraded.

Only through proper commissioning, can you be assured that the energy analytics provided by your system are an accurate representation of the realities in your facility.

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