Mass Manual Meter Creator

An exciting feature we have just added Vitality is the Manual Meter Creator.  With this APP, you can now create manual meters in bulk.  Instead of making one manual meter at a time, you can make 10, 50, or even 100 meters all at once!

Using the Manual Meter Creator is easy.  Log into Vitality’s APP section and scroll to the data sources section.  There you will see the Manual Meter Creator App. 

Click on the APP, Select the property you want the meters to be placed into, and Click the New Manual Meters button.  

Enter the quantity of the meters, choose the utility type, and give it a basic name such as: Power Meter.  Vitality makes it easy by showing you the available points that you can use for your meter.  Go ahead and change the name of the point if you need.  This name will be used for all of the points for all of the meters you are making.  Click Submit.

Vitality will now make all of the meters and their points in that property.  And as you will see, the name of each meter will be the basic name with an added 1, 2, 3, etc. depending on the number of meters you created.  

It’s that easy!  Just another way that Vitality is making your data work for you.  

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