Design Build Energy Metering at Salt Lake Community College

Summa Energy Solutions recently wrapped up the final construction phase of a complete design/build of an energy information system at the Salt Lake Community College. The system includes 139 meters in 20 buildings across three different campuses in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Back Story:

Summa was brought in after the College tried to implement an energy management system with a contractor through a bid process. The first step they accomplished was the installation of Shark Model 200 energy meters at their Jordan Campus in six buildings. A year after the installation, they were not happy with the results they were getting from the meters and wanted to see more analytics as well as incorporate more than just power meters.

Fixing their existing sytem

Summa started by removing the existing Data Acquisition Server (DAS) that they were previously using and installing a DAS that we trusted and knew would deliver the results we had expected. We then incorporated all of their existing BTU meters into the platform. We pushed all of this data to a version of Vitality that was locally installed on a server on campus.

Expanding the Platform

After the successful integration of their existing power and BTU meters at the Jordan Campus, we began a design/build of a complete meter infrastructure at their South Campus. This campus included gas, water, power and steam metering.

Salt Lade Community College TaylorsVille Vitality

Complete Energy Analytics

For the last phase of construction SLCC Summa completed a design/build at the SLCC Redwood campus. This phase of construction included twelve buildings and had all kinds of meters as well as wireless networks to achieve metering in some remote locations.

SLCC has a full version of Vitality which their energy manager uses daily to display analytics of all of their buildings. These energy analytics are used to make decisions on energy conservation measures as well as manage departmental energy budgets.

Summa Energy Solutions also helped SLCC identify potential energy savings of over $50,000 at one of their campuses. Learn more about this process by downloading our case study here.

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