Vitality has added another payment service for our Users.  Vitality can now process credit card or electronic check payments using the payment service.’s service checks that there are sufficient funds before authorizing the payment, it places those funds on hold and then will settle the amount paid to our Users own bank account.     

To get started on the integration, make sure you have an account*.  Inside your account do the following:

  • Generate an API Login ID
  • Generate a Transaction Key
  • Generate a Signature Key (optional)

The API credentials are unique to your Authorize.Net account and are used to identify and validate the payment solution for transaction processing.

Log into Vitality, and open your Billing Center.  On the Quick Links board, click on the Setup Payment Account, and select the as your payment processor, enter your credentials in the appropriate fields and click Submit. 

Now your Tenant payments will work through the payment service.

*If you do not have an account, click on this link.

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