Vitality is the Central Platform for Smart Buildings

Vitality Platform

IoT Data Made Simple

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Your All-In-One Data Management Solution

There is no need to obtain many devices that each require different software to meet your smart building needs. Our experts at Vitality are dedicated to providing you with an all-in-one solution for your data management. This solution helps to ensure that you are able to view all of your data in your smart building with optimal convenience.


Connect To Existing Devices

Still have devices from previous companies? Great! At Vitality, we can connect to the existing devices on your property to ensure superior data management with minimal expense and inconvenience. There’s no need to completely replace the devices that you’ve already invested your time, effort, and resources in.


Install New Devices

If you don’t already have devices on your property, there is no need to fret. At Vitality, our team can help to facilitate new devices on your property. We ensure that any building can be made into a smart building, regardless of the devices present on the property.


Manage From One Location

A centralized data management location is critical for simplifying your solution. Our services ensure that you are able to manage data from old and new devices alike. This goes a long way toward minimizing your inconvenience and ensuring that your data can be managed from one central location.

We Make All Buildings Smart Buildings

There is a reason that smart buildings are quickly becoming the new normal. It doesn’t matter what technology your building currently has. Here at Vitality, we are capable of taking the connections from a regular building automation systems and centralizing them into a smart building platform.

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The Platform

Our completely customizable platform helps to ensure superior management of your data. With our software, you can track and control each system inside of your smart building.


The Apps

Vitality software is designed to enhance your convenience. By allowing you to connect your data directly with your phone, you can substantially simplify your processes.


The Integrations

Trying to keep track of many different websites and logins? This isn’t a problem with our software. It just takes a few clicks to integrate all of your data and devices into a single, centralized location.

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