A Platform Designed for Apps

Native & 3rd Party Apps in One Central Platform


An App for Any Process

Vitality’s platform is designed to work alongside other applications to ensure the best possible process to meet your needs. When you gather all of these applications and their functions into a single location, you will be able to more effectively gather information and ensure that your data can be gathered efficiently and will streamline your operations.


Data Integrity

What good is a data management system if you have bad data?  We have all heard the phrase “garbage in, garbage out”.  Vitality seperates itself from other data management platforms through our proprietary data integrity platform.  This AI driven platform ensures that your data is optimal at all times.  


Advanced Reporting

More than just dashboards.  The Vitality Advanced Reporting App gives you the reports and charts you need to visualize your data and price point that makes sense.  From heat maps to drift analysis the Advanced Reporting gives you the start you need to visualizing your data.  

Energy star logo

Energy Star

Tired of manually entering bills?  Our Energy Star App takes away the hassle of bill entry by automatically sending your utility bill data directly to Energy Star Portfolio Manager, allowing you to remove the hassle of data entry into multiple systems.  Vitality also has a two way sync with Energy Star allowing you to bring in your building data and visualize it like never before.

Demand Response

Want to participate in a Demand Response rebate but don’t know where to begin?  The Vitality Demand Response app lets you take full advantage of these rebates and events without the guess work.  

Rate Schedule Optimization

Are you overpaying for your energy?  Are you paying taxes or fees you shouldn’t?  Most utilities have hundreds of rate schedules to choose from, how do you know what is best for you and your building?  The Vitality Rate Schedule Optimization app takes away the guess work and easily visualizes all possible rate schedules allowing you to choose which is best for you. 

Building Intelligence

Need deeper analytics?  The Vitality Building Intelligence App is built upon the leading business intelligence framework.  This allows you to create custom analytics, AI driven alarms and automate reports, giving you a deeper understanding of your building without time consuming spreadsheets.  Bring your building into the future with Vitality Building Intelligence.  

Billing Center

Have tenants that you want to charge for energy?  Tired of spreadsheets or expensive billing services?  The Vitality Billing Center can help you increase your Net Operating Income (NOI) by automating the entire process.  From manual meter reading to Advanced Metering Infrastructures (AMI) and even Ratio Utility Billing (RUBs) the Vitality Billing Center puts money in your pocket.

Weather Normalization

The Vitality Weather Normalization app allows you to normalize your data based on a number of different weather points such as, degree day or heating and cooling day.  Easily benchmark your building and bring in advance weather normalization easily with Vitality.  

Utility Bill Scraping

Tired of entering utility bill data into a spreadsheet? If you are like most of our clients you have too many bills to enter and not enough time. For this reason we built our Utility Bill Scraping app. Built upon the leading 3rd party utility data company database, the Vitality Utility Bill Scraping app easily allows you to bring in any utility bill data by simply entering your user name and password.  

Plus MANY More!


Integrates with the Cloud

Smart building technology focuses on integrated systems with the use of advanced technology. The Vitality platform integrates with the cloud to improve the convenience of accessing your information. Through this integration, you can have access to the Vitality platform far more easily.

Building Automation Systems

Take your building into the future by utilizing the data that is already being created with existing devices.  Vitality seamlessly integrates with existing Building Automation Systems to maximize your existing hardware investment


Energy Management Systems

Interested in reducing or managing your energy?  Vitality can easily connect to your existing Energy Management System (EMS) for a simple integration.  


Utility Bill Data

No hardware?  No problem!  pull data directly for your utility or from the utility bill itself.  You are sitting on a mountain of data, it is time to put that data to use.  

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