What Is The New Demand Response And How A Company Can Utilize It

THURSDAY, June 4th, 1:00 PM EST

What Is Demand Response?

Demand Response, also known as AutoDR, matches the demand for energy while voluntary users reduce their energy usage during peak demand times. This helps to balance supply and demand, as well as stabilizes energy grids. The signed users are then paid for their reduced demand.

With Vitality and Enersponse, you can manage this energy consumption and make adjustments to save energy and money for you company or organization.

Enersponse can connect to AutoDR through the Demand Response app or the Vitality platform. With rebates, some companies are able to use the Vitality software free of charge.

Why Does Energy Management Matter?

Enersponse has offers and utilities which can provide a map to help customers make decisions to secure the right platform to receive incentives and rebates on their energy management platforms. 

These offers and rebates are behind the programs and platforms that the customer uses every day. These offers are sent through apps like Demand Response and Vitality, which the customer can use to discount or even receive the software for free.


THURSDAY, June 4th, 1:00 PM EST

What Can Enersponse and Vitality Solve Together?

Enersponse and Vitality have joined forces to bring you cutting edge energy management software while providing rebates to the customers. 

With Enersponse and Vitality, you will see how you can:

• Lower your energy costs with the Vitality platform
• Receive real-time data analytics
• Receive Enersponse rebates through Vitality
• Possibly access Vitality software for free due to rebates
• Reduce water usage
• Receive cash incentives for implementing AutoDR
• Companies large and small can utilize AutoDR
• Connect to all types of meters, including power, gas, water, steam, and BTU
• Digitally control thermostats 
• Control HVAC temp and/or cycling controls
• Remotely control switches and pumps
• Automatic lighting controls
• And more. Join us to see the depth of the software

Vitality Enersponse AutoDR Landscape

What will be discussed?

Join Clayton Erekson, CEO and Co-Founder of Vitality and James McPhail, CEO and Founder of Enersponse, as we have a live, question and answer based discussion while also showing how the Vitality platform and Enersponse work together to maximize your energy management, while saving time and money.

Learn how AutoDR and Vitality are working together to bring you the most cutting edge technology available and the highest paid incentives available  on the market.

We will cover a few misconceptions around the software and incentives such as:

• Can this software work for a company at a specific size?
• Can the software work for a single store?
• Are you able to use Demand Response?
• Is your company a good fit for AutoDR?
• Removing false information about Demand Response.
• How Demand Response is easier than you may think!


THURSDAY, June 4th, 1:00 PM EST

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