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Utility Billing Management Software

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What Makes Vitality Different?

Utility Billing Management Software
Utility Billing Management Software

We Don't Touch Your Money

Unlike most billing as a service companies, Vitality does not touch your money.  We use 3rd party payment processors to automatically deposit your payments directly into your checking account.  No more waiting for reimbursements.

We Make Payments Easy

Tenants can easily log in to view and pay their invoices through our easy-to-use tenant portal.  

Utility Billing Management Software

We Play Nice with Others

Vitality has native API’s to your tenant management platforms and accounting software.

We Make Reporting Easy

Vitality has a number of reports that can easily be created, customized and saved to make the bill back easier. 

Utility Billing Management Software

Features & Benefits

Manual Meter Reads with Mobile App

Manual meter reading can be tedious.  WIth the Vitality Manual Meter reading app we make it easy.  Easily find, read and upload meter reads through our app and approve invoices on the fly.  Never has manual meter reading been easier than with Vitality.

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Utility Submetering Info

Ratio Utility Billing

Ratio utility billing is a system for utility bill distribution that uses various factors to determine the distribution of utility bills. These factors can be anything from the number of rooms, the square footage of the property, or a number of other factors. When you implement a ratio utility billing system, you can ensure that utility bills are distributed fairly across your renters.

Additional Features

Custom Charges & Fee Plans

Vitality puts the fee structure in your hands. Stop paying third party billing companies fees for billing. With Vitality, you are in control of the fee structure.

Automated Rates & Schedules

Easily create and mirror utility rate schedules inside of Vitality and never worry if you are billing your tenants correctly again.

Custom Charge File Creator

Need to export data? Vitality makes creating a Charge File easy with our Custom Charge File Creator. Easily create, save, and share charge files in seconds.

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