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Simplify commercial utility billing.

What Makes Us Different?

We don't touch your money.

Unlike most billing as a service companies, Vitality does not touch your money.  We use 3rd party payment processors to automatically deposit your payments directly into your checking account.  No more waiting for reimbursements.

We make payments easy.

Tenants can easily log in to view and pay their invoices through our easy-to-use tenant portal.

We play nice with others.

Vitality has native API’s to your tenant management platforms and accounting software.

We make reporting easy.

Vitality has a number of reports that can easily be created, customized, and saved to make the bill back easier.

We are experts are AMI / AMR

Submetering uses meters in order to determine the exact amount of energy that a specific tenant is using. While this is often the fairest method for utility bill allocation, it is important to note that submetering requires the installation of meters. However, if you already have meters installed on the property, we can integrate them to our platform to meet all of your submetering requirements.

Our manual meter read app is easy to use.

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