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Commercial Utility Billing

Automate Your Utility Billing

Our processes help motivate your tenants to be energy smart. When they don’t see the direct results of their energy consumption in the form of a bill, they likely aren’t taking a second thought for turning lights off or decreasing water usage. Our tenant billing processes allow you to put the power in their hands, helping them to pay their utility invoice online each month and giving them power over what their energy costs should be. This causes tenants to take more responsibility for their utility use, as well as allows them to feel more in control over their operating expenses.

Simplify your utility billing.

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Automatic Reporting and Billing

No need to travel to your properties to check the meters.

Sit back, relax, and view energy readings in real time right on your computer.

Our automatic reporting and billing services help in reducing the amount of time you have to spend on these procedures. At the end of every month, we will collect the data from the utility bills and tenant meters. Our artificial intelligence does the rest. By calculating variables like time of use, tiered pricing, square footage of tenant space, and percentages, our fully automated system eliminates errors that would otherwise cost you a significant amount of time and money. Automatic reporting and billing services also eliminate potential errors during the process.

Customizable Invoice

Each tenant and property has its individual needs. You get to choose the invoice that best suits your needs, allowing you to bill for what the tenant is actually using. Some examples are:

• Having multiple tenants on one invoice.

• Adding fees such as garbage removal, services, etc.

We offer multiple options for tenant billing, to ensure that you have the best method for your tenants and your property. We are capable of performing ratio utility billing services, submetering utility services, as well as many other options. To learn more, contact us today.

Automated Meter Readings

Automated Meter Reading (AMR) allows you to accurately automate the utility bill back process to your tenants. Vitality makes this easy by connecting to a wide variety of submeters and gateways.  Learn how Vitality can increase your Net Operating Income (NOI) through utility billing! 

Online Tenant Portal

Vitality allows your tenants to access their invoices through our cloud-based platform. From there, they can access historical and energy data, pay invoices, and speak with a customer support representative. The ease of use allows your tenants to resolve their problems quickly and efficiently. Additionally, these services will help minimize the amount of time that you and your employees must spend on the billing process. This will allow you to focus on other things and make more money.
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Utility Submetering

Submetering is a process that tracks the utility use of each individual tenant. This allows the landlord to charge tenants according to their utility consumption. Utility submetering is an extremely effective method for utility management. It also helps to provide tenants with a sense of control over their operating expenses.

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