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Reduce Operating Expenses.

When you automate energy costs with Vitality, you can manage a wide range of tenants while also incentivizing them to save energy. If you’re worried this is going to be a long, hard, expensive process, we promise it won’t be. Vitality’s Ratio Utility Billing (Rubs) platform allows you to invoice your tenants easily and effectively.

Automate your utility billing

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Improving Ratio Utility Billing Systems with Detailed Accuracy

Many landlords, building owners, and property managers are using complex spreadsheets or outdated software to manually calculate tenants’ bills. Most don’t have the time to account for true tenant consumption and utility rate changes.

Vitality’s automated RUBs gathers operational invoices, disseminates the data, and turns it into tenant invoices. Our artificial intelligence learns from the data, using complex algorithms to make calculations with greater accuracy than any other system. This allows us to create the most effective tenant billing system, providing each tenant with the fairest utility bill possible. 

People can make mistakes when they attempt to manually complete the billing process. The use of our ratio utility billing system prevents these mistakes from occurring.

Improving RUBs with Detailed Accuracy

Ratio utility billing is a popular method for distributing utility expenses. It takes a number of factors and uses them to determine the percentage of the bill that each tenant is responsible for. 

This method uses factors like the number of occupants, the size of the building, each tenant’s square footage, and the type of business occupying the space to determine the distribution of the utility costs. 

The Benefits of Ratio Utility Billing

There are many benefits to the use of a ratio utility billing system. This system helps to provide a fair alternative to utility billing. It can even be customized to be based on different percentages of different factors. The use of this system allows your tenants to feel as though they have more control their overhead costs. It can also encourage them to conserve energy as much as possible because they will be responsible for the resulting bill. 

Utility submetering is another effective method for utility bill management, but it often requires a large initial investment to install the equipment. Ratio utility billing eliminates the need for this equipment, allowing you to lower your operating expenses from the beginning.

Online Tenant Portal

Vitality allows your tenants to access their invoices through our cloud-based platform. From there they can access historical and energy data, pay invoices, and speak with a client support representative.

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