Rate Schedule Optimization

Are you paying too much for your energy?

There are dozens of different rates and rate schedules you could qualify to be on.

Deep Analytics

Identify Energy Cost Savings

The Vitaltiy Rate Schedule Optimization application allows you to identify potential cost savings between rate schedules. 

Advance Dashboards

Compare Rates Schedules

With Vitality, you can easily create and compare rate schedules costs side by side.  Allowing you to quickly and easily identify potential options.

Reduce Operating Expenses

Save Money

How do you know if you are on the right rate schedule?  Vitality can identify any potential rate schedule optimization which will give you the tool to go to the utility for cost savings. 

How It Works

Import Utility Bills

Import at least 12 months of utility bills for comparison

Create Rate Schedules

Create at least two different rate schedules which you would like to compare

Compare Options

Vitality automatically analyzes the two rate schedules and identifies any potential savings.

Optimize Your Rate Schedule Today

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