Get Started Right Away

This all-in-one Quick Start meter has everything you need to begin immediately monitoring energy analytics. Installation is simple and only requires a qualified electrician. Once it’s connected, Vitality Quick Start will automatically upload to the Vitality cloud, giving you real time analytics for your facility.

How it Works

1. Measure: Install the quick start meter. This will measure your facility’s energy consumption.

2. Identify: Work with our energy managers to locate energy saving opportunities for your facility.

3. Implement: Make changes and adjustments based on energy conservation practices.

4. Maintain: Sit back and let Vitality continue to monitor your facility for optimal energy consumption.

Vitality Cloud – Keeping You Connected

Vitality Energy platform allows you to see what’s happening in your electrical system as it’s happening. Understanding how your energy bill is impacted when all the lights are turned off in a single room, or when your demand spikes are occuring, will help you identify ways to reduce costs. This platform automatically downloads and imports every piece of data from your utility bills. You can easily track the accuracy of your bills and ROI for energy conservation projects, intelligently managing energy costs. See how Vitality will save you time and money.
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