Vata Verks Smart Sensor for Water and Gas

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The Vata Verks Smart Sensors are a strap-on, non-utility, usage data acquisition solution for Natural Gas, and Water.

They simply rubber strap to the side of your utility meter, and output Real-Time, Hi-Resolution Gas or Water data. Without disruption to the plumbing, tenants, or facility managers. Vata Verks sensors are deployed to measure Gas and Water usage which can be used to detect leaks, track costs, conduct baseline and M&V studies, and regional reporting requirements. Probes are Water and Burial Safe.  Probes come in standard lengths of 2m, 7m, & 15m but can be user extended up to 200 ft.  See Data Sheets for additional details.

Standard Kit  (VV-100)

  • Modbus TCP / RTU
  • MQTT
  • HTTP Push
  • Pulse
  • Data Logger (onboard)

Express Kit (VV-102)

  • Installed in User’s enclosure (Din Rail mounts included)
  • Pulse

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.


  • For dry and wet environments
  • Whole building applications
  • Projects requiring hi-res or hi-frequency data
  • Disruption-restricted locations
  • Approved for secure / government locations
  • Digitizing old and new meters without replacement
  • Baseline studies
  • LEED and other Efficiency programs
  • Cost and usage tracking
  • Leak and anomaly detection
  • Building security and oversight
  • Research and development
  • Continuous and Ongoing Commissioning


  • Non-invasive, non-utility water and gas data
  • No plumber or cut pipes
  • No utility involvement, delay, or cost
  • No disruption to building, tenants, or project
  • No special skills to install
  • Compatible with all pipe and meter sizes
  • Compatible with >95% of installed utility meters
  • Highest data Granularity / Resolution available
  • Secure Data
  • MQTT, Modbus
  • TCP, Modbus RTU, HTTP Publish,  Pulse, or Data logging.   (more coming)

VV-100 Data Sheet


VV-102 Data Sheet


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