Permanent Ultrasonic U3300 Clamp On Flow Meters

Welcome to Micronics Clamp-on Ultrasonic Flow Meter with a Wall-mounted Display.  For simple and accurate flow measurement from outside the pipe!  The Ultraflo U3300 clamp-on ultrasonic flow meters’ electronics are housed in an IP65 enclosure as a wall-mounted display.  This incorporates the graphic display, keypad, sensors, and output connections.  Programming the clamp-on an ultrasonic flow meter is easy and intuitive.  Just select “Quickstart” from the main menu and from there just follow the simple instructions in your language of choice.  The display continuously indicates Signal strength, time, date, as well as flow information.  The meter can also indicate bidirectional flow readings and totals.  In other words, the display keeps you fully aware of the measurement process.  If one is looking for a sanitary meter, look no farther!  Add IP68 (waterproof) transducers and you’re ready for wash down environments.  Optional high temp transducers up to 392°F for high temperature applications such as condensate return.  This meter comes with 32 feet of sensor cable as standard.


  • Full Pipe
  • Clear Fluid (Less than 3% Undissolved Solids)
  • Permanent Application (but non-invasive)
  • Cross-Correlation Transit Time Measurement
  • Flow Range 0-20 M/S bi-directional
  • Data Logging
    • 100,000,000 Data Points
    • USB to CSV file
  • 3 X Pulse Outputs Dry Contact and 1 X mA Outputs
  • A Transducers 0.51-4.5″ OD Pipe
  • B Transducers 2-79″ OD Pipe
  • Optional IP68 (waterproof transducers)
  • Optional High Temp Transducers (392°F)

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User Manual


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