AcuMesh Wireless Modbus-RTU Transceiver


Key Features:

  • Compatible with Modbus-RTU protocol
  • Creates a wireless mesh network
  • Connects to meters, sensors, or any other device with an RS485 port
  • Mesh structure enables robust, wireless Modbus-RTU communications
  • Wide range: 1000ft (305m) / 4 miles (6.5km) outdoors in a single hop
  • The communication pathway is automatically optimized to create a superior, wireless network
  • AcuMesh transceivers automatically connect to each other without any special configuration
  • 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) provides added security
  • Advanced configuration options are available for complex networks using free, easy-to-use software
  • Available in both 900MHz or 868MHz frequency for worldwide compatibility

Create a Wireless Mesh Network using existing Modbus-RTU devices. Designed for Modbus-RTU devices with an RS485 port, multiple AcuMesh wireless Modbus-RTU transceivers form a point-to-multipoint wireless mesh network that monitors energy flow, industrial processes, HVAC, security systems, or other services across commercial and industrial facilities where physical wire installation is impractical. Used in new or retrofit applications, AcuMesh can reduce high installation cost.



User's Manual


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