AcuLink 810 Data Acquisition Server & Gateway



AcuLink 810 can gather data from any Accuenergy or third-party meters, sensors, or other field devices for a seamless network under one centralized hub and supports a large number of standard protocols.

Key Specifications:

  • Gateway supports multiple networks including Modbus, BACnet, SunSpec, Mbus, MQTT, SNMP for intercommunication between devices
  • Post or push data using multiple formats for straightforward integration with existing software or control systems
  • Browser accessible web interface facilitates quick, software-free setup and remote data access
  • 8GB datalogger onboard memory rapidly logs data up to once per second
  • Multi-protocol support for compatibility with industrial, data center, or other critical installations
  • Dual Ethernet ports for simple, RSTP compliant network connectivity
  • Wireless communications through WiFi plus optional AcuMesh support for wireless RS485 data collection
  • TLS 1.2 compliance for enhanced cybersecurity in critical infrastructure deployments
  • Auto-discovery of devices available for BACnet networks
  • Support EPICS files to build BACnet device templates

AcuLink 810 is an intelligent data acquisition server and gateway designed to collect aggregated energy, water, gas, or other utility data from multiple meters and field sensors in a facility. Compatible with all Accuenergy meters and third-party devices, it stores data locally until it is ready to be distributed to remote servers or controllers via an IP-based network. The built-in web interface makes it simple to monitor critical energy data from all connected devices, promoting real-time decision making and management.



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