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Taking the Frustration out of metering.

Vitality will take your complicated metering system and create a simpler approach that assures system integrity and data reliability. Our expert design team will provide the layout that best suits your needs and can customize any detail to your specifications.


Obvius is a leading energy solutions provider of meters, wireless metering, data acquisition, software and monitoring technologies. Serving a global community, Obvius continues to innovate by simplifying data collection and connectivity.

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Accuenergy is a top manufacturer of power and energy metering products for distribution, control and management of electrical energy and other dynamic processes. They specialize in advanced research, design and production of multifunction power meters, power quality analyzers, flexible current transformers, split core CT, network communication modules, cloud-based energy management systems and kilowatt billing solutions.


Motors@work is a cloud-based software service that provides intelligent and intuitive analytics that enables clients to optimize the performance of their motor-driven systems. They help companies increase their asset reliability, improve collaboration between operations and maintenance so they can cut up to 30% in costs.
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Divi Energy

DiVi Energy produce high efficiency LED retrofit lights. They bring LED lighting direct from the factory floor to clients, saving them money and improving projects. They research, design, test and build their own quality lights.


Summit Energy is the only natural gas supply company headquartered in the Rocky Mountains. They supply thousands of customers, like refineries, power plants, manufacturers and hospitality industries. Over years of service they’ve built a reputation for reliable delivery.

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