Taking the Frustration

out of analytics.

We’ve optimized our process. Vitality will take your complicated system and create a simpler approach that assures system integrity and data reliability. Our expert design team will provide the layout that best suits your needs and can customize any detail to your specifications.


We meet with you to outline a process based on your specific analytic needs. This can include existing devices such as meters, controls or smart building products. We create and then review with you the layout of your newly designed building intelligence system and then get to work making it a reality.

Programming & Commissioning

After installation, we can take it from here. We ensure all the devices installed are installed and programmed correctly to manufactures specification, giving you the data you need to make better decisions.

Front End Software

After all of the devices are reporting through the network. We can provide you with our complete front end software solution that gives you the analytics you need. Eliminate the need for import codes or complex software coding. Vitality makes implementation quick and easy.
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