real-time energy management system

Real Solutions with a multi- market platform.

Whatever your industry or building facility, we bring you the features you need. With options like real-time metering, utility bill automation and tenant billing you’ll be in the know, 24/7.


With multiple logins and custom user interfaces, government agencies can now have all their energy data in one place. With this increased data flow, you’ll be able to:

• Easily verify compliance with regulations.
• Establish energy use baselines.
• Confirm energy saving results.
• Give real-time updates to help energy managers.
• Get real-time alerts for out-of-parameter events.


Keep a close watch on your energy consumption, which goes directly to your bottom line. Know what’s working and what isn’t by: • Establishing energy cost per unit produced. • Finding the contributors to high demand charges. • Identifying more favorable rate schedules. • Measuring and verifying energy savings. • Receiving notifications when something isn’t right.

Building Owners

Live metering and utility sub-metering for tenant invoicing gives property owners essential energy tools. With this kind of information available from your office, you’ll be able to access: • Real-time consumption information. • Sub-metering for tenant billing or budget allocation. • Real-time alerts when something goes wrong. • How well energy saving efforts are going.

Energy Professionals

Unveil the mystery of energy management by giving your customers a detailed look at exactly how your products are performing. Now you can share with them:

• Real-time display of energy use parameters.
• User-defined notifications when something is wrong.
• Automated utility bill data for trend analysis and bill verification.
• Visualization of how the weather impacts energy consumption.
• How successful their energy saving measure have been.`

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