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When it comes to building intelligence, no one does it like Vitality. With our cutting edge building intelligence platform, you can take control of your operations like never before. Our easy to use dashboard is completely customizable to meet all of the needs of your specific building.

Reduce your energy expenses while optimizing the comfort of your building all in one centralized location. Our experts at Vitality can help you to take your energy management to the next level.

We believe that all buildings should be smart buildings. At Vitality, we offer a flexible approach to your building intelligence. We can help you to install the appropriate equipment to your property or even utilize existing equipment that your building already has! We strive to make your transition to a smart building as easy as possible.

With our custom analytics and easy to read data, you can obtain all the information you need to make the best decisions for your building. It has never been easier to make all buildings smart buildings.


Visualize Your Data

The Vitality platform allows you to visualize your data and take the best steps to act on the information you have available. 

Custom Reporting

Take Control Of Your Energy Management

The customizable systems enable you to take complete control of your energy management, often from the convenience of your own phone. 

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Increase Productivity

Comfortable employees are productive employees. Enhancing the comfort of your building with building intelligence enables you to increase productivity in the office. 

Watch How Vitality Transformed The Salt Lake Community College Energy Management

A college with multiple campuses and buildings will require serious energy operations. Salt Lake Community College used submetering to track their energy consumption, but it was difficult to organize the data into an actionable solution. With Vitality, they were able to transform the way that they approached their energy management.

The Vitality dashboard empowered them to create their own charts and easily access all of the data that they needed. Our easy to use platform simplified their energy management processes and helped them take control of their operations.

Vitality is one of the easiest vendors that we have worked with. they just get things done.

Daniel Hansen, Director of Controls

A Better Way to Approach your Building’s Operations

Automate, Optimize, and Reap the Benefits!

Vitality Building Intelligence

Operating your building shouldn’t be a full time job. With the building intelligence platform at Vitality, you can have a better way to approach your building’s operations. From automating your systems to tracking your energy expenditure, the Vitality platform introduces you to a new world of energy management.

Building automation can help you to minimize wasted energy, without sacrificing the comfort of your building. Ensure your systems are working optimally and efficiently to create the superior office atmosphere.

Tired of paying sky high energy bills? We’ve got your back! With the information you obtain from the Vitality platform, you will be better positioned to make the right decisions for your energy management. Whether your goal is to reduce your energy expenses or minimize the impact your business has on the environment, we’ve got you covered.

Our team is at the ready to help you transform your building into a smart building. Our customizable approach ensures that you can achieve the easiest transition possible. Make your building a smart building today!

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