Where We Began...

Originally founded as Summa Energy Solutions, Vitality is based in the heart of the Silicone Slopes in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Co-founded by Christopher Atkins, a Utah certified energy manager and Clayton Erekson.

After years of doing energy management work for the State of Utah and for the University of Utah, Chris saw a pressing need for better building operational data. Existing submeter and building management systems were complicated and outdated, and in many cases, they had either never worked properly or had ceased to function altogether. As a consequence, users were frustrated in their efforts to extract usable information from them.

After fixing the issues at the State and at the University, Chris started to hear from people in both the public and private sectors who were experiencing similar problems. It became clear that there was an urgent need for his services in all market segments, and Vitality was formed. Vitality set out to easy the frustration of the users and create a simple, yet highly effective energy management platform. To learn more about us and our services, contact us today.

Energy Management is better when it’s visual

See where all your energy use is happening in a single glance
Vitality Dashboard
Manage your utility bills & costs with ease. Visually identify building drift & demand Centralize all building analytics Automatically benchmark with Energy Star

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