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What Is Building Drift?

Building drift is a term for when a building “drifts” away from its ideal operational environment. When a building is first built, it is commissioned, which means that it is operating as it is intended to. Over time, as the building sustains regular wear and tear, it begins to slowly decline in its efficiency and effectiveness. The appropriate steps can go a long way toward minimizing building drift, which will save you a substantial amount of money over time. Here at Vitality, we provide a broad array of services to ensure that your building and energy function for you, not the other way around.

Common Causes of Building Drift

If you own a car, you likely understand the importance of routine maintenance in ensuring that your car continues to function safely and as expected. Unfortunately, many people overlook this same concept when it comes to their building. A building sustains wear and damage, which will result in it performing less than ideally. Without regular maintenance, building drift is certain to arise. Along with insufficient maintenance, other causes include construction mistakes, flaws in the original building design, and equipment that is malfunctioning. Identifying when building drift is present is key in preventing these problems from escalating and becoming more difficult to rectify.

Consequences of Building Drift

It is critical to have issues resulting in building drift resolved as quickly as possible. When building drift occurs, the building will have far lower energy efficiency. This tends to create larger maintenance requirements and related expenses. It will also drive energy bills skyward. In addition, building drift lowers the comfort of tenants and employees, reduces the air quality present within the building, and can lead to equipment issues over time. Proactive approaches to building drift can help you to minimize the consequences that arise alongside building drift, which will go a long way toward keeping your building efficient and on the right track.

Vitality Can Help Protect your Building from the Negative Impact of Drift

Building drift often arises as buildings age and are subject to normal wear and tear. The best approach to take to building drift is a proactive approach that can prevent many issues from arising. This is most commonly done by putting systems in place to monitor the performance of the building. Here at Vitality Energy, we offer an advanced report with our comprehensive software to detect the presence of building drift and ensure that your building continues to operate as efficiently as possible. Contact our expert team today to learn more about how our software can protect your building from the negative impact of building drift.
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