Data Integrity

Bringing Transparency

To Buildings & Facilities

Whatever your industry or building facility, we bring you the features you need. With options like real-time metering, utility bill automation, and anomaly detection,  you’ll be in the know, 24/7. Learn more about us today.

Meticulously Checked and Checked Again

After installing our meters, we start commissioning—the process of starting up the system. Meters, communications and software are all tested and verified to be functioning properly.

Each meter is programmed for the environment where they are installed. All programmable parameters are tested and verified.

As the new system starts up, the Vitality team checks the readings against known quantities to verify correct operation. Vitality’s internal system then takes over for continuous operational observation.

From Your Facility To Your Display Screen

The Vitality system will operate in any number of environments. For custom systems, the meters will communicate directly to a Data Acquisition Server (DAS). The DAS accepts data readings from one or more meters, formats the data, and transfers it to the Vitality database in real-time.

For existing systems that may already have an automation system, we recommend a DAS be deployed to handle the data collection for the best real-time results. However, we can also program a building automation system to pass readings to the Vitality database, just at a slower speed.

When the data arrives in the Vitality database, the software immediately begins to format it for display on your dashboard. This can be on a TV, smartphone or tablet. To learn more about how Vitality and their software can help you with your energy management, please contact us today.

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