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The university of central Oklahoma has improved its green power initiative through the implementation of energy metering with Vitality

Central’s appealing 210-acre main campus offers a learning and living environment that is a source of pride for the Central community. Central is ranked among the top public regional universities in the nation by US News and World Report, and has been named as one of the top universities to work for by the Chronicle of Higher Education five of the past six years. The university also stands among the top universities nationally for student housing and sustainable “green” practices, like its use of 100 percent wind energy and alternative transportation programs. Central is an official “Green Power Partner” of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and won the EPA’s Green Power Challenge for its athletic conference the past three years.

*Some or all of the text in the About paragraph was copied from the Central website


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In support of Central’s green practices, Vitality was asked to design and implement a campus-wide energy management system. 

The design specs for this system included the ability to perform measurement and verification (M&V) of newly implemented energy conservation measures and to perform building by building utility sub-billing, allowing Central to allocate utility costs and cost savings to the various departments across campus.

Vitality designed an energy management platform for power and natural gas consumption. Meters installed in over 40 buildings across the campus were to push data to a centralized system with an easy to use and easy to understand display format (dashboard). 

With only two main utility feeds, Central was completely unable to verify energy consumption data with any meaningful granularity. Two reports, one from each feed, were the best they could do, and those were limited to monthly totals.

Vitality Was Able To Get The Existing Meter Data From The Campus Building Automation System


Vitality began by performing an onsite audit of the current metering infrastructure. After identifying appropriate metering locations and creating an inventory of what was already in place, Vitality created stamped construction drawings for a complete energy management system. After the installation of the metering hardware was completed, Vitality programmed and commissioned the metering infrastructure to guarantee data integrity. 

Vitality then implemented the Vitality energy management platform for the ability to display an integrated picture of the energy data being collected. With the Vitality system, Central now has over 40 M&V points with the ability to add as many more as they might ever deem necessary. Central also uses Vitality to do utility sub-billing for all appropriate university departments.

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